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Justice for Future
Justice for Future
Acrylic on canvas
122 x 153 cm
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682 542 http://rivergallerymyanmar.com/images/kausartist/shine-lu/justice-for-future.jpg http://rivergallerymyanmar.com/images/kausartist/shine-lu/zoom/justice-for-future.jpg /buying?artist=&title=Justice+for+Future Justice for Future Acrylic on canvas 122 x 153 cm Justice for Future Justice for Future
531 620 http://rivergallerymyanmar.com/images/kausartist/shine-lu/above-the-sky.jpg http://rivergallerymyanmar.com/images/kausartist/shine-lu/above-the-sky.jpg /buying?artist=&title=Above+the+Sky Above the Sky sold Oil on canvas 107 x 92 cm Above the Sky sold Above the Sky
sold = Sold