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Born in 1960 in Meikthila, Myanmar

Studied under U Aung Than (TTC)

Solo Exhibition

1999 First Solo Show The Myanmar Gallery of Contemporary Art, Yangon

2016 Recent Painting by Ba Khine, Studio Square, Yangon


1999 Group Show- in the Myanmar Gallery of Contemporary Art, Yangon

2000 Annual Group Show, Myanmar Gallery of Contemporary Art, Yangon

2001 New Millennium Group Show- Myanmar Gallery of Contemporary Art, Yangon

2002 5th Annual Group Show - MGCA, Yangon

2004 The Myanmar Contemporary Art Exhibition, ILBC, Yangon

2005 05 Figures - Studio Square, Yangon

2007 Tun Foundation Art Award - Myanmar Bank Center, Yangon

2008 Myanmar Contemporary Art Award 2008 - Finalist Exhibition, Strand Hotel, Yangon

2008 Nargis Relier Art Show, Yangon

2009 The Mandalay Arm Art Show, Pan Thu Sandar Gallery, Mandalay

2010 2010 Exhibition 2, Sin Phyu Daw, Mandalay

2011 Recent Works of Studio Square, Studio Square, Yangon

2012 Save the victims Charity Exhibition, Yangon

2016 10/10 Anniversary Exhibitions, River Gallery, Yangon

2019 "Monsoon Madness" Exhibition, River Gallery, Yangon

2020 "Looking at Women in Contemporary Burma", Online Exhibition

Abroad Exhibitions

2001 The World's Premier Contemporary Asian Art Fair in Singapore

2006 Myanmar Contemporary Art Show - in Ching Mai, Thailand

2007 Group Show - Karin Weber Art Gallery in HK

2009 Myanmar Discovered - Group Show, HK

2010 Myanmar Art & Culture Lecture - Group Show -Boston, USA

2010 New Beginning’ Group show, Princeton, USA

2011 Myanmar Today - Group Exhibition, BKK, Thailand

2012 Exposition L’ Art Au Myanmar, Galleries Art Concorde, Paris

2012 Third Wave Indo Myanmar, Camera 6 Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

2017 Affordable Art Fair, Singapore


Private collections in Singapore, Thailand, Germany, Japan, Great Britain and United States.


A collector of postcards with paintings from famous late masters, Ba Khine was born in 1960 in Meikhtilar, a busy trading town in the semi-desert of middle Myanmar. He is a self-taught artist and also wrote poetry. His first chance to formally learn the techniques of painting was when he met U Aung Than, who was lecturing in fine arts at the Teacher’s Training College in Meikhtilar during the 80’s.

His passion for color was the driving force behind him becoming an artist. Previously, he was a professional photographer in local tourist places like Mandalay and Amarapura He learned about the composition of color and light while he experimented with his camera.

When visiting Yangon in 1996 he was awed by the creativity of fine art which to him was another world from the simplicity of photography. He was so impressed with fine art works he decided to pursue his own career in fine arts.