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Born in Yangon, Myanmar in 1974.

1991 - 1993 Diploma of Fine Art, State School of Fine Art, Yangon

1994 – 1998 Bachelor of Art - Sculpture, University of Culture, Yangon, Myanmar

1999 State School of Fine Arts Summer Program, London, UK


1997 Solo Show I, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon

1998 Solo Show II, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon

1999 Octagon Plus One Art Exhibition, Yangon

1999 Solo Show III, Ivy Gallery, Yangon

2000 Myanmar Women in Art, Lokanat Gallery,Yangon

2000 Solo Show IV, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon

2001 Studio Show, Nan Nan Gallery, Yangon

2002 Lokanat Member Show, Lokanat Gallery,Yangon

2002 Performance Art, Roof Top Gallery, Yangon,

2004 Lokanat Member Show, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon

2004 Myanmar Contemporary Art Awards Exhibition of Finalists, Yangon

2005 Group Show, Yangon International School

2006 Group Show, Studio Square Gallery, Yangon

2006 Solo Show, Nann Art Studio, Yangon

2008 Myanmar Contemporary Art Awards Exhibition of Finalists, Yangon

2009 Solo Show, Pearl Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar

2011 Solo Show, Trish Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar

2015 NANN NANN and soe naing two man show, Think Art Gallery, Yangon

2016 10/10 Anniversary Exhibitions, River Gallery, Yangon

2017 Artist Beyond Boundaries, The American Center, Yangon, Myanmar

Abroad Exhibitions

2004 Myanmar Contemporary Art Awards Exhibition of Finalists, Hong Kong

2006 Group Show, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2006 Quiet Wind – Show of five Myanmar artists, San Francisco, USA

2009 Myanmar Discovered, Group Show, Hong Kong

2010 Myanmar Art & Culture Lecture, Group Show -Boston, USA

2010 New Beginning - Group show, Princeton, USA

2012 Women Show, The East Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2012 Exposition L’ Art Au Myanmar, Galarie Art Concorde, Paris

2014 Burmese Spring at First Canadian Place Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2014 Leading Lights/New Works (Vietnam/Burma/Cambodia), ARTA gallery, Toronto, Canada (May)

2014 Burmese Spring; at Fragrant Wood Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2014 Funf Kontinente Museum - Group exhibition, Munich, Germany

2020 TRiCERA Online Exhibition, Japan

Sculpture commissions

1999 Serge Pun for FMI City, Mandalay Marble Stone Sculpture, Yangon

2002 SPA Corporation, Mandalay Marble Stone Sculpture, Yangon


1978 – 1990 Over 45 awards from various International organisations

Over 30 awards from various Myanmar Government organizations

2004 Honorable Mention – Myanmar Contemporary Art Awards.

Museum Collection

Funf Kontinente Museum, Munich, Germany