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Art advisory

Does your new office, hotel, or public space need something “interesting” on the walls, artworks that capture Myanmar’s evolving essence – and are great to look at, too?

Do you hope to create a collection of Myanmar artworks that will appreciate in value over time?

Are you too busy to trawl around the many new galleries and studios popping up around town?

Do you find that artworks from the best artists are increasingly sold in private sales?

If your answer to any of these questions was “yes”, we can help you.


With our deep knowledge of the local art scene, we offer expert advice to clients seeking to purchase or lease Myanmar artworks, or build collections of distinction and lasting value.

We can work with you to source the perfect paintings for new offices and public spaces, or your private home collection -- at any price level. Whether you want a painting for each room in a 100-room hotel, or just one special piece for your reception area, we can help you find just what you want. Or, if you wish to commission a painting, we can communicate and coordinate with the artist on your behalf.

While Myanmar artists have not yet achieved sales prices of their peers in China, India, or Indonesia, for example, River Gallery’s leading painters have seen their values increase five-fold over the past decade or so. As the country opens its doors ever wider, high quality Myanmar artworks are sure to appreciate, given the increasing number of local collectors and deepening interest from abroad.

Arresting, original artworks from Myanmar artists in your organization’s premises will tell clients, staff and visitors that you appreciate this country’s unique culture, that you care about the local community and are proud of your place within it. River Gallery can help you find those works that will enhance your space and your reputation.