News and Views

03 June 2013

Christie's auction spotlights growing importance of South-East Asian Art.-May, 2013

Strong demand for works from south-east asian countries highlights a developing trend, as collectors turn their attention from the more established contemporary markets of China and Indian to the most talented artists of the smaller countries in the region.  We expect that Myanmar will be included in this south-east asian category within the next 12 months.
29 May 2013

Art Radar Journal interviews Htein Lin- Date: May 2013

In an extended interview, Htein Lin talks about his journey as an artist, from his early days as a student through to his years in prison, to his current chapter living in the UK.  At the end of the interview he reveals that he will be moving back to Myanmar in the coming months - something we at RIver are much looking forward to.
29 May 2013

Visit with one of the grand old men of Myanmar Art- May, 2013

Last week I went to visit Khin Maung Yin, one of Myanmar's most esteemed and beloved artists.  He was sitting on the floor, surrounded by paints and canvases, looking at some books someone had just brought him.  He was delighted by the books as they all used his painting images on their front covers, and seeing them brought back memories of those works and when he had created them.  He was full of fun and devilment, teasing Aung Myint, who had accompanied me, and telling stories about the 400 students of English who come to his small house for lessons and laughs.  Although partially paralyzed from a stroke, Khin Maung Yin is undimmed by age, still painting every day and receiving legions of visitors.  Long may it continue.

21 February 2013

Myanmar Artists Exhibited in India

In conjunction with the Calcutta Arts Club, River Gallery artists are highlighted in a group show that will travel to several Indian cities over the next six months.  At the preview on Tuesday, viewers were able to see a diversity range of works from five of Myanmar's top contemporary talents.